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mrsideeye asked: Listened to the Cubicolour tune you posted last week and it brightened the end of a tough day. Never would have heard otherwise so thank you. Big love

Cubicolor’s music is like the break of light after a dark, gloomy day. It is perfect. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Mark your calendars, etc.

"Mind" by Cooly G

Hyperdub’s latest compilation album is full of those moody, late-night, fall and winter jams that will get you through the impending, consistent darkness of the changing season. I was especially happy to see two Cooly G tracks on the latest compilation, Hyperdub 10.3. Cooly G’s new album comes out on October 20, but until then, we can settle in with these new songs full of that static-y, vinyl-y, lo-fi aesthetic and harmonious yearning, something Cooly does best. 

Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with my friend Ben about Cooly G and I mentioned that I’ve always felt a deep connection to her music. I’ve also met a lot of women like me - women who spend a lot of time online, devouring music, finding themselves through 0’s and 1’s instead of IRL - who also get her in a way that other people, particularly men don’t.

There’s something so weird and uncomfortable and familiar about her music. In my head, I call it “wine music for synth girls.” It’s rainy. You’re horny. You’re lonely. You’re in need of some Cooly G. 

"Rock U" by Kleerup feat. Niki & the Dove

There was a long period where I was deeply obsessive about Kleerup’s music, so it’s interesting to hear this minimalist, stripped down, and smoky track that feels like it would fit in perfectly with Stevie Nicks or Cyndi Lauper’s catalog. It’s not an unwelcome change, just a curious one. 

I’m very excited to host this conversation and evening with Chloe Griffin, author of EDGEWISE: A Picture of Cookie Mueller. I’ve been pouring over the book, its images, and its numerous issues since I received a copy last week and I think it’ll make for a special evening.

If you’re in the Chicago area, please join us at Quimby’s on October 28 at 7 p.m. More information about the book and the event is available here.

28 Feminist Writers Recommend Books Every Man Should Read

I’m one of these feminist writers and I’ve got a recommendation for you, fellas. My choice was Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, a book I read the summer after I graduated college. I became a little obsessed.

I was thinking about that book recently along with a couple of additional ones I read between the ages of 21 and 24. That was such a heady, transformative moment for me. I’m feeling mentally stagnant. So much of my reading feels like required work. I miss the constant pleasure of reading for pleasure. That was a special time, full of books and novellas that felt like little secrets, ultimately shaping me into the woman I am today.

"Temporal" by Buscabulla

Buscabulla are one of my favorite new acts from the year. They’ve found something of a perfect formula for their intoxicating pop music, incorporating influences of from the past with a weird, sensual, and contemporary sound. Their debut EP is out now on Kitsuné.  

Earlier: "Sono," a post perfect groove

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I wrote a story about Naughty Nail’z, my favorite nail art salon in Chicago for Tipsy Zine (You’ve seen me rep for them many times before). Here’s a couple of images from the corresponding photo shoot (shot by my friend Helen Maurene Cooper) which took place at Dulcelandia (a dream paradise where I routinely almost ruined my stomach as a kid) & Rico Fresh Market in Chicago. 

Chicago gets like 3 good fall days a year and this is one of them. #vscocam

A woman has her hair brushed in Kitchen Table series, “Untitled” 1990 by Carrie Mae Weems

A “Requiem to mark the moment” from the Constructing History series, “Mourning”, 2008 by Carrie Mae Weems

"Talk Talk" by George Maple

I might have said the new George Maple single was practically danceable, but it seems like she hasn’t totally abandoned the haunting, eerie qualities of her earlier recordings. This new video - shot in black and white - channels those same feelings with the quick jump cuts and the strange main character. Either way, I’ll love pretty much anything she releases. I’m ready for her to break out in a big way. 

A Discussion with Rachel Bertsche

JOIN ME! I’ll be hosting this discussion about Hollywood with Rachel Bertsche in anticipation of her new book, Jennifer, Gwyneth and Me. Open Books is located at 213 W Institute Place. 

(via openbooksorg)

Open Books presents An Evening with Rachel Bertsche, hosted by Britt Julious, Thursday October 9th at 6 p.m.

"COLOURS" by BC Kingdom

This is warm and rich and a perfect addition to the now-steady fall weather. It’ll wrap around you like a sweater or a lover, both fitting for the season.

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The bravery of the young women who have spoken up about their experiences with rape and sexual assault in the alt-lit community can’t be reiterated enough. Institutions - big or small - nurture environments where it can feel impossible to give voice to traumatic experiences. This especially holds true for those routinely with the least amount of power: young women. Speaking out against communities that support their own ideas of order and “normal” is difficult … sometimes impossible for many women.

The situation reminded me of my own experiences. As a black woman who was assaulted in one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in the city, I knew things would not go my way. And, as things tend to fall, they haven’t. The man who assaulted me is still on the loose even though I’ve identified him, even though the police told me he’s been active for years.

My assault this summer was not the first time I was assaulted, but it was the first time I felt open enough to talk about it. I spent years in therapy dealing with the mental results of past incidents. In my mind, I believed terrible things were meant to happen to me, that it was fate, that it was always out of my control and that I should ultimately succumb to the violent, damaging, misogynistic culture in which we all live. But CLEARLY that is fucked up and dangerous and it left me beaten down in a way that I never understood.

It manifested in weird ways - in work, in romance, in friendship. I maintained terrible friendships because deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy of good friendships. Deep down I knew friends would disappoint me because I believed relationships of any kind were built on disappointments. My parents were the one exception to the rule. I succumbed to the mental terror of my old work environment and was treated to racist and sexist confrontations as if they were normal.

But this time was different. And even though this year saw personal and physical traumas, I felt stronger mentally. I recognized what could have happened to my mind, mostly, if I stayed quiet, and didn’t. Not everyone is capable of doing so and I don’t bemoan anyone that can’t. How many friends have come to me to discuss their rapes and assaults? And how many friends have only shared those experiences with me, have kept it buried deep inside because it is the only thing that makes sense to them?

Sometimes, your voice is all you have. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do and relied on the police, only to watch nothing happen. Systems of great power are designed to stay systems of great power. If your truth is all you have, then give voice to it.