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You should listen to this entire Tomas Barfod mix. A couple of reasons why:

  • It’s only 22 minutes. That’s like an episode of a boring sitcom. Dedicate your time to this. 
  • It features a number of new Barfod tunes from his upcoming LP, Love Me. If this mix is any indication, the new album will be sharp, full of longing, and the perfect accompaniment to late summer nights. 
  • You like good music and this is full of good music. 


Tomas Barfod feat Nina K - Aftermath

Dog Bite - Lady Queen (Botany remix)

Beverlay - Typically Her (Kaytranada remix, Tomas Barfod edit)

Tomas Barfod - Happy feat. Eddie Chacon (Acapella)

Solar Bears - Interzone 

The Do - Slippery Slope (Tomas Barfod edit)

Tomas Barfod - Chimera 

Tomas Barfod - Pulsing feat. Nina K

Tomas Barfod feat Night Beds - Wont Tell You

"The Malady of Death" by Marguerite Duras

PREVIOUSLY: Lost Mixicisms #1

(I am posting some of my “lost” mixicisms in anticipation of a new one that is all fancy and glossy.)

See, what had happened was: I ended a relationship. I was ready to create a playlist that was anti-love, anti-romance, but then I realized that was a worthless pursuit. Because that was never really a reflection of what happened or what went wrong. It was dishonest to myself and what we had. After crying, I soon got over myself. 

What it’s about: See the above. But also, mood, regret, depression, longing. 

Download MORE Valentine’s playlists: I Want You (a 2013 romance mix)

Tracklist and DOWNLOAD

"Are You Leaving Me (Demo)" by Aretha Franklin

"I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face" by Baby Washington

"He Hit Me" by Anika (cover)

"Band Of Gold" by Freda Payne

"Thank You For Nothing" by Kleerup

"Faithful" by Jacques Greene

"Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real" by Machinedrum

"All U Need" by Aashton

"All Good (Mj Cole Remix)" De la Soul

"Golden (Kaytranada’s Life Extended Living Edition)" by Jill Scott

"Black Water" by Tinashe

"Policy Of Truth" by Depeche Mode

"Happy Be Fine" by Poliça

"So This Is Goodbye" by Junior Boys

"Hunter" by Bjork

"Climax" by Usher and Diplo

"I Get Lonely Too" by Drake (cover)

"Into Dust" by Mazzy Star

I watched Black Girl in Paris, the short film based on Shay Youngblood’s novel late yesterday afternoon as the sun began to set. The light filtered through the curtains of my living room and I felt as present in the settings of the film as in my own home. 

It is a story about a young writer and the mysterious woman who lives in her hotel. Well, that was the basis of it. This story – about the transformative power of female relationships, the publicness of our longings, the discrepancy between what we want for ourselves and what the world instead gives us – was beautifully captured on the screen. Paris looked glorious – delicious really – and unmanageable, a point driven home by the plot of the film.

I loved Eden’s (Tracey Heggins) little fantasies dressed as Josephine Baker. She also mentions Baldwin’s views on Paris as inspiration for her life there away from the American South. Haven’t we all had something like that about the places and moments that are supposed to change our lives? In the midst of living, we ignore the fact that so many of our choices are performative, that we often struggle in the name of what we should be doing and who we should be. My life should look like this because I am here and that is the life that I was told and understood mattered.

I know that feeling so well, too well. I used to think your twenties were about making this mistake repeatedly, eventually learning from your mistakes. But I am observing the world around me and all I see are people playing parts, accepting certain roles, hoping that no one will notice their choices are not their own, but merely history playing out on the individual level. 

“Language is for me like the nectar of the living, I find it singing to me everywhere I go.”

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Artist Name: Kai Mallari


The colors here remind me of the work of Davis/Langlois. Truly stunning. 


"Honey Do" by Beverly

Memories of late college and close female friendships. This is the sound of that time, the soundtrack of what it was like to think that the world was well within grasp, regardless of whatever anyone else said. The fact that Beverly also includes the divine Frankie Rose is only the cherry on top of this ear worm of a summer song. 


"P.A.R.T.Y." by Seven Davis Jr. featuring Mezmawho

An easy entry for my list of Most Perfect Grooves. Stunning, catchy, energetic, simply perfect. 


Q: What is the very first house record that was made?

FACT mix 249 - Leon Vynehall (Mar '14)

It comes as no surprise that Leon Vynehall’s FACT magazine mix is as compelling, sensual, and deeply felt as his original music. I listened to this on the way to work this morning, standing at the bus stop for far too long, wishing I was just inside, but pleased with how the combination of elements (the heavy wind, the drizzle) felt so correct. 

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"I’m not interested in looking vulnerable" - Zadie Smith in conversation with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at the #Schomburg

Anonymous asked: I really enjoy reading your essays and other work you post but - and I know a lot of people dislike talking about the financial side of writing - are you able to make a living out of writing or is it something you do purely for the enjoyment of the act of writing?

I’ve talked about this a bit in the past, but I also have a day job that I can’t discuss. I make money from most of my writing, but I also write for free because sometimes the story is more important than what I can get paid for it. But also, I can afford to do so. If I could never get paid, I would still write because it is the truest thing I know. It helps me more than anything else. It is almost a selfish act, something that clears my mind, that makes me a better person, that helps me breathe when I feel like the world around me is too much. 

Anonymous asked: Do you think you will ever release a book of your work? Various essays, etc. Or would it be a fictional story?

That is my goal, to release a book of my essays. Well, that is one of my goals. I’m never quite satisfied with just one thing. 

"Be Brave, Clench Fists" by Leon Vynehall

I had to take a break from this site. It wasn’t by choice, not really. No, I felt like I had too many thoughts and if I put them down for others to see, they would make no sense. I was too consumed by anger and regret and embarrassment that I knew I would only fall deeper into those feelings, not climb away from them. 

Anyway, Leon Vynehall’s music feels like the answer, the solution, the acceptance. Each song is filled with the sort of promise that we all crave, but can’t articulate. “Be Brave, Clench Fists” is the first single from Music for the Uninvited and it is my unequivocal favorite. It wraps around me and feels like the end of a perfect night, that moment when the sun sets and hits your face just so, the period at the conclusion of a lovely day.