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This will be a very good season. Tomorrow is especially the BIG DAY with releases from Jessie Ware and Tinashe, among others.

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by Britt Julious

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St. Vincent // West 20th Street // New York, NY // July 2014

New AlunaGeorge!

"Supernatural" by AlunaGeorge

Sorry I’ve been mostly MIA this week. Things are popping. But back to the music: I already love this more than everything else on Body Music, and I LOVED Body Music. I love the relative simplicity of the music, making for a more perfect match with Aluna’s voice. And yet, we can still dance to the music. That’s exactly what I want when listening to an AlunaGeorge track. 

"Gunspitter" by Conrank

Basically: bump bump bump bump. You’ll know what I mean.

“Got This Feeling” by Cubicolor

It’s only been a few weeks since I last posted the shorter, edited snippet of this track, but we’ve finally got a full-length version and it is GLORIOUS. Eight minutes of pure euphoria and joy, like the musical equivalent of the peak of the dance floor. It’s thrilling and magic and I love it.

My 27th birthday was officially on Saturday. I had every intention of posting this mix then, but this weekend definitely got away with me. Dinner and celebrating Friday, working and wedding on Saturday. I barely had time to recover. But here it is, for your listening pleasure: “A Very Special Birthday Bounce.” And make sure to check out the 2012 and 2013 Birthday Bounce mixes, too.

BB3: A Very Special Birthday Bounce I DOWNLOAD

  1. “Dependence” by P1/E
  2. “Cardboard Lamb” by Crash Course In Science
  3. “Mendecino California” by Mykki Blanco
  4. “Give It To You” by Jordan Knight
  5. “Some To Remember (FS Green Rework)” by Mar
  6. “Down on My Luck” by Vic Mensa
  7. “Gecko (Overdrive)” by Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill
  8. “Pussy Trak” by Bok Bok & Tom Trago
  9. “You’s A Nasty” by Sam Sparro
  10. “Lytah” by Rusko
  11. “What You Want” by LAKIM
  12. “Is It All Over My Face (unreleased original full length version)” by Loose Joints
  13. “U Got Me Up (Cajmere’s Underground Goodies Mix)” by Dajaé
  14. “Say Anything (feat. Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy)” by Wrestlers
  15. “For A Night (feat Niia)” by Ana-Tole
  16. “Knowing We’ll Be Here” by Daniel Avery
  17. “Together” by Tourist
  18. “Weak Become Heroes” by The Streets
  19. “It’s Just (House of Dupree)” by Leon Vynehall
  20. “Sweatshop” by Brazilian Girls

I wrote about my struggles with accepting my natural hair. It’s been an especially weird battle for me as I lost a significant amount of hair after some drug side effects from my winter illnesses. As you can tell from photos I’ve posted, I still straighten it from time to time, but more often it’s pinned up or braided to allow it room to grow. None of it is easy.

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by Britt Julious

On 26, Part Two

The longer I knew them, the more bold I grew. In the end, they were playing a game and they one, but I found something better.

I grew bold in my blackness. At first I noticed that there were few people who looked like me. They didn’t want me to say much of anything. But in the end, I made sure I was seen. All they want to do is pretend you’re not there.

"I’m not racist, right?" he asked. What could I say? I still had to eat. They controlled the cash.

He asked again some months later. I had an answer.

Identity is not a crutch, but something that roots us in our society, in our humanity, in our survival. To be free of identity is to be free in the truest sense of the world. I’m learning now that I don’t want that “freedom.” I don’t want the blankness of freedom, the emptiness of no self, no history, no lives reality and truth.

No, I want all of the things that make me - my blackness, my womanhood, my etc. etc. etc. - for without them, who am I but just a person moving about the world?

Going to dinner with my BFF @lourdesrey for my birthday. 🎁🎉 #vscocam

On 26, Part One

Last year, the day after my birthday, I crouched underneath the harsh spray of my shower knowing deeply that the next 12 months would be anything but easy. The night before was lovely on the surface, like most things are. Lovely, you know, and then not. I threw up and went to bed. I woke up and felt dread. Constantly, I would find, this is the cycle of our lives.

He went to the store to get medicine for our mistake and later, I couldn’t look him in the eye. He would forever be a reminder of something now gone - namely, the ease of innocence and the comfort of “emerging” and myself as it was being shaped and defined.

I used to wake up and think of different ways I could get out of bed. Work was next. It took me three hours to go one mile by bus. Getting there was an accomplishment.

Today, I will be sensual, I thought, and my limbs will slink out of the sheets as if I am a woman who knows it all and not just a girl still.

I could do this only when I was alone. With someone else, I just needed to get away.

Today, I will be practical. I will not make a mess of things. I will leave the bed as if I will make it again. My sheets won’t be a crumpled mess on the cold, rotted wooden floors. Elegance will be in reach.

I don’t think of you as an object, but I’m letting you know that I see the world and my desires as objects, as give and take, as mine mine mine. He said this and I thought about slapping him, but I also needed a ride home so I let him keep talking until he had nothing else to say.

I feel like you’re judging me, he began. No never, I said, but really, yes, yes I was.

I spent the summer angry that he was never caught. I spent the summer jealous. You see, they were attacked at the wrong time in the right place. They were visible. I was not. I was jealous that the world’s brutality was left in secret, was deliberately buried. I got it.

Our timing was never right and then when it almost was, it wasn’t again.

Of course.

Is everything about good timing?

Thoughts for the Morning

If it seems too good to be true, it is. This applies to jobs and especially to loves. Complexities are human and necessary.

Your friends will let you down.

Make better friends.

No one is cool, not ever.

Possess your body.


Pleasure is true.

Your life is something that requires the present, not the future and certainly not the past.

Do what you need to do, but be conscious of those around you.

True self care is not selfish.

Move in action. Thought is an action. Thought is valid. You are valid.

Smell is an underrated sense. Take in those around you. Envelop their essence, cherish it, but remember yourself.

You are more than them.

You are you.

I love you.

My favorite recent musical odd couple was Jamie xx and Gil Scott-Heron. The Guardian asked me to compile a list of other weird, yet solid music collaborations. Here’s my list

"Sono" by Buscabulla

This track is more than a year old, but I’m posting it in anticipation of Buscabulla’s (Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle) debut EP which drops October 6th on Kitsune. This track is pure fire, and I’m excited to see if they’ve crafted more most-perfect grooves for the EP. This single at least shows promise. 

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