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"OctaHate" by Ryn Weaver

I am two months late to this one, but what a pop song, right? It reminds me of a mix of country-pop with that early aughts “alternative-to-Britney”vein of pop that was supposed to sound rebellious, but was as sugary-sweet in its production and hooks as the more showy gems. I only just heard this a couple of days ago and I’ve already got those verses memorized. That’s the sign of a great track. 

For Celebrities, Goodwill Can Flow Both Ways -

Can’t believe this happened. I celebrated with pizza and champagne last night (as one does). Here’s my New York Times debut for “Room for Debate.” I wrote an opinion piece on celebrities and public acts of social activism. 

INLAND is currently looking for 1-2 interns to assist in the editorial and operations process for the Fall 2014 semester. 


  • Chicago-based candidates are ideal, but we can create a remote internship for the right candidate 
  • Must have superior copy editing and fact checking skills, an attention to detail, ridiculous work ethic and an eye for organization
  • Must be available for approximately 10 hours per week. Afternoons and evenings are preferred. 

If interested, please email the following to inlandmag [at]

  • a copy of your resume/CV
  • your top three magazines or websites and why
  • an explanation of your ultimate career goals. Don’t be afraid to show personality. The weirder the better.
  1. Norman Zammitt. “Red to Green I,” acrylic on canvas board, 1979
  2. Norman Zammitt. “Grnz. 1,” acrylic on canvas board, 1989



Serrekunda, The Gambia


(via sed)

Take it Off.

He was before me. He was weak. He was standing. He was on his knees. He was weak. He was asking for forgiveness. He was crawling. He was weak. He crept forward. He kept creeping. He kept. He was weak. His head was a weight and his body was a burden and he was weak. He wrapped his arms around my waist. He placed his head upon my waist. He wanted to speak but he was weak. He looked up and I said nothing.

"Burning Up" by JUCE

Everything about this: their outfits, the dancing, the regular people being regular people, the light and of course that song. 

What happened to the rest of my summer MIXICISMS? Well, what happened to the rest of summer? These past couple of months have been a non-starter, weather-wise. But that’s fine. I’ve left the house. I’ve done great things. I’ve collected my share of laughs and drinks and deviancy, the perfect recipe for summer.

Here’s a new mix because I love you. 


"Real" by Years and Years

"Mabel" by Lil Silva

"Can’t You See" by J-Louis

"Some Jazz Shit" by FaltyDL

"Xylaphone" by David Andrew Sitek x Tinashe

"Neymar Night" by Dre Green

"Anywhere" by Reva DeVito

"Studio (Grandtheft Edit)" by Schoolboy Q

"Games For Girls" by Say Lou Lou

"Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)" by KAYTRANADA

"Where You Gonna Go?" by Paul White

"Girl Behind The Glass (feat Rare Times)" by Groundislava

"Shoot and Run" by Josef Salvat


Nashville-based BASECAMP’s EP came out nearly a year ago and I can’t believe I slept on it. I’m obsessed with everything on it, from the soulful vocals to the isolating production to the smart, slightly haunting melodies. It’s a perfect treat in transition to the fall. 

I’m really excited about Dre Green’s experimental pop music and potential, so much so that I interviewed her for Noisey. Read the whole thing here.