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"Where You Gonna Go?" by Paul White

What really makes this track for me is how it feels so organic, as if completed in one quick take (but that one quick take was captivating and instantly memorable). Also! The combination of voices which include the ever-talented Paul White as well as my personal fav, Jamie Woon. It’s a perfect, strange nighttime jam.


My Lolla style round-ups for Noisey, with photos by the brilliant Petya. This look was my favorite. Classic. Chic. And the Timbs were a perfect touch. She was there for Outkast, duh.

whatsin3words asked: Would you play with words until they are a new language that belongs to your mind?

That is an important factor in why I like to write: to create a new personal language that speaks to the emotions, confusions and curiosities of my own life and mind.


Two Thursdays ago, I sat in section 340 of Soldier Field. I was there to celebrate the New Queen, the Queen Bey, Beyoncé. Around me were women and men of various ages and races. I sat alone, separated from my friends, but was pulled into a circle of black women around me.

"How long have you all been friends?" I asked.

"Oh, we’re not. We just met," said an early twenty something woman next to me.

We had all found each other and were united in our admiration if the woman before us.

I used to think Beyoncé was just a symbol of control, of perfection. And in some ways, that is still true. But she is also a symbol of possibilities, of the multifaceted possibilities of how I can look and act and be as a woman, a black woman. She is strong and weird, smart and divine. If these things are a matter of control then so be it. She has created a world for herself, one in which she can be herself, one in which she is taking back herself from the world around her.

On December 13, 2013, she released her latest album, a self-titled work that was equally sensual and structured, salacious and sad.

Released with no warning, it was a triumph, a moment of self actualization, a woman defining herself. Bow down, she said. Bow down, I said.

discocinderblog asked: Hi Britt! I love your Tumblr and your appearances on Vocalo Morning Amp's Feminist Wednesday!!

Thank you! That’s so cool and means a lot. 

Speaking of The Morning AMp, I was just on this morning. We discussed Lollapalooza, women performers at music festivals, race/class dynamics and race in Hollywood. 

Listen to it below:

Here’s some of my reporting on Lollapalooza for Noisey:

💥💥 last night 💥💥

Recently during Lollapalooza weekend, Thursday and Friday: opening party at the W Lakeshore, small stage set, before Lorde’s set, Brett and Andy, and the walk home.

Also! Wrote a longread for Noisey on house music, summer music festivals, Chicago, EDM, and cultivating a contemporary identity through one’s historical legacy. I’ve been working on this one for a long time and I’m very proud to finally share it with you. 

How Lollapalooza lost its special something

Very excited to share my debut story for The Guardian US! It’s about Lollapalooza (which I’ll ironically enough cover this weekend) and summer music festivals in general. 

#regram from @projectcaptured backstage during #p4k Sunday. Wearing my sequin shorts + @readytostare!

New Kate Boy!

"Self Control" by Kate Boy

The wait has been worth it. Absolutely. No question. Kate Boy are true masters of synth pop and they should be bigger than everything else out now. This new track is just another brilliant chapter in a series of brilliant chapters. Sharp lyrics, ridiculous chorus and melodies, perfect and danceable synths, and that indescribably epic spirit that only they can achieve. 

(PS You haven’t experienced Kate Boy until you’ve seen them live. Truly. It is is a life changing experience.)