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"Sono" by Buscabulla

This track is more than a year old, but I’m posting it in anticipation of Buscabulla’s (Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle) debut EP which drops October 6th on Kitsune. This track is pure fire, and I’m excited to see if they’ve crafted more most-perfect grooves for the EP. This single at least shows promise. 

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"Water Came Down" by Rosie Lowe

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted a Rosie Lowe song and it was a cover. I’m excited to see the direction of her solo music, a sort of soulful, groove-heavy pop that shows immense promise. Also, since I first heard this a few days ago, this has been my go-to nighttime jam. Just like that cover, Rosie knows how to craft songs that are perfect for the promise of darkness. 


"You-Turn" by Fantastic Mr Fox (featuring Kid A)

I’ll always welcome a new track from Fantastic Mr Fox. It seems like we’re constantly waiting between singles and then he drops tons of strong, compelling material in rapid succession. This track is good, catchy, reliable … basically what I expect and enjoy from one of his singles. 

Yesterday was David Bowie Day in Chicago to celebrate the opening of “David Bowie Is” at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA is the only U.S. venue to show the exhibition and it is STUNNING, truly. I wrote a feature about the exhibition for The Guardian and I highly recommend you check out the show if you’ve got the chance.

babygirl6291 asked: Hello, I recently read your article on hello giggles about following your dreams, and it was really empowering and encouraging. At age 23 I am struggling with the fear of failure and rejection more than I have ever before, but your article helped me find a place to start pursuing my dreams once again and break through all the fear. Thank you. :)

The fear of failure is normal, natural. Sometimes that fear makes us work harder and crave our own personal successes even more. It certainly did for me. I hope you find fulfillment and drive in pursuing your dreams. Good luck! 

"Hologram" by Lydia Ainsworth

Parts of this remind of a sort of perfect combination of Bat for Lashes and the quieter moments of Karin Dreijer Andersson’s solo work, so obviously I’m a fan. It’s that eerie quality of Lydia’s voice and the cold, isolating instrumentation of the synths that really tips this over the edge. This sounds like winter personified, but I like it. 

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"Hollow" by Sylas

I especially love this because it plays with the standard structures of this whole Brit, post-r&b aesthetic that won’t end (and I don’t really want it to) and turns the song into something weird, warped and haunting. 


I made one purchase during EXPO and this was it. WAVES is an ongoing project from collaborative duo Twin BroBro featuring photography from Trujillo Paumier and writing from Maclean Jackson. The book (and an accompanying video) looks at the practice, maintenance and dedication necessary to maintain the waves hairstyle. It wasn’t an impulse purchase, but rather one initiated from flashbacks of my past crushes who sported this look so effortlessly (and gorgeously). 

What the New York Times Got Wrong About Shonda Rhimes

I write about four times over the weekend for HelloGiggles. Just wanted to share this recent piece about the inaccuracies and problems of that infamous NYT piece on the lovely Shonda (my personal favorite lady). 

Recently: Sunset from the Morgan train stop; skaters in the West Loop; viewing room from the Mickalene Thomas opening at Kavi Gupta gallery; the fair and the fair; satellite installation of the RETREAT exhibition, curated by Theaster Gates and featuring all-black artists; the fair; outside Mickalene; the chain-link view of the city.

Spent most of my weekend running around the city for EXPO Chicago and other satellite events. I wrote recaps of the scene for ArtSlant and you can read parts onetwo, and three

Recently: a weekend of selfies.

Before it Starts

This absolutely feels like one of the last warm nights of the year. The desperation in those around you is so palpable that you can smell it easily, can almost taste it even. There is a clock somewhere near signaling the cold and all that comes with it. Meaning, the desire to turn in and stay in. I’m never ready.

Uh Huh, Uh Huh

Feeling like I can no longer have conversations with people and they can no longer have conversations with each other. Rather, we are all talking to each other about the specifics of things, of objects, of nouns, but we are lacking any emotional depth. Our conversations feel like blank stares, like dead eyes. I leave with the bottom dropped out of my stomach. I can’t remember what I just said. I can’t remember what you just said. And I feel worse for it. We won’t see each other again, not really, not until we do this all over again. All nouns, no verbs. 

This is exactly what I love. A few years ago, my friend Alysse recognized that I liked to play with structure and texture, but dress in minimal colors. I admire those who can mix and match prints with ease. But me, I find pleasure in the details, the things that require a closer look. Perhaps that is why I like sequins and beads too. From far away I sparkle, but up close, you see a hundred little things building off of me, taking up space, forming their own new structure. 

Cushnie et Ochs S/S 2012

A Night 01

I am not done finding myself. No one is. But the easiest way I could find myself was through my time alone. Not alone at home, but alone with other people. Alone in public. Alone in places that typically require friends, require acquaintances, require other loves. You see, being in that awkward and vulnerable of a position puts you in a state of mind that allows you to recognize the things within yourself that you felt you could never address. These are the things that made you weak. These are the things within yourself that you were afraid of. It can also give you a sense of pride and a sense of fortitude. You think, I can do this. And then you think, I am this person. I am here. I am strong. I am seeing the world and with that, I can do most anything.