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Also! Wrote a longread for Noisey on house music, summer music festivals, Chicago, EDM, and cultivating a contemporary identity through one’s historical legacy. I’ve been working on this one for a long time and I’m very proud to finally share it with you. 

How Lollapalooza lost its special something

Very excited to share my debut story for The Guardian US! It’s about Lollapalooza (which I’ll ironically enough cover this weekend) and summer music festivals in general. 

#regram from @projectcaptured backstage during #p4k Sunday. Wearing my sequin shorts + @readytostare!

New Kate Boy!

"Self Control" by Kate Boy

The wait has been worth it. Absolutely. No question. Kate Boy are true masters of synth pop and they should be bigger than everything else out now. This new track is just another brilliant chapter in a series of brilliant chapters. Sharp lyrics, ridiculous chorus and melodies, perfect and danceable synths, and that indescribably epic spirit that only they can achieve. 

(PS You haven’t experienced Kate Boy until you’ve seen them live. Truly. It is is a life changing experience.)

Skeletal. #vscocam

"Lone Star" by Trance Farmers

The sort of listless, floaty sound of early afternoons in summer. Once I left the farmers market on Sunday, I spent an hour walking around Logan Square and Wicker Park with this track on repeat, soaking up the idea of summer that I so wanted to exist this year, but was (chillingly) out of my grasp. 

"Turn" by Ana-Tole x Jonah Christian

What begins as a soft, yet somber piano turns into a collection of samples and layers, from cooing vocals to synthetic strings to cold and steady drum machine beats. It’s a lot and from anyone else it would be too much and yet this collaboration sounds complete and the end product is ultimately compelling. 

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"Just Once" by Shura

This is a quiet little stunner. There’s no showy production or vocals, but the steady rhythm is warm and comforting. Truly, it’s the kind of song you immediately like and as you continue to settle with each of its elements – the precious melodies, the memorable guitar lines – that like turns into a deeper devotion. 

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"Feel Better" by MUNA

Barrett recommended MUNA to me and I’m enjoying their brand of quirky, unpolished pop rock. Makes me feel like I’m 12 years old again. All of the less tracks on their more perfect EP felt familiar, like the familiarity of 80s and 90s aesthetics HAIM. 

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“Being cool requires a very delicate balance of doing something that shows that you go your own way, but you do it in a way that is socially acceptable.”

He was my father’s age and when I wouldn’t give him my name or number or any true acknowledgement, he called me a “mean bitch.” It was in my favorite place of respite in the city, Caffe Streets. I think he knew. He made sure everyone heard. It is almost August. I’ve lost the summer fight within me. 

Scenes are always worse than private embarrassments because you know that no one will do or say anything. They’ll just be thankful that it’s not them. When you are alone, it is easier to pretend that if other people were there, they would intervene. It is easier to hope for that because you believe that you will do the same for others, even if deep down you are not sure. 

The clouds looked so fake yesterday. For a second, I thought I was still dreaming. I took a photograph just to be sure.

"Heady Filthy" by The Golden Filter

I saw The Golden Filter perform in a corner of the tiny, tiny perfect and now-defunct little club called Sonotheque. I used to dream about the space because I loved and frequented it so much. During that show, I stood right in front of their minuscule set-up and screamed my head off like only an obnoxious 21-year old can.

Nearly six years later, the group is back with another masterpiece of erotic, synthy goodness. I still feel sad knowing how they never reached their full potential, but listening to their old classics and this new late-night sliver of slinky, shimmery beauty keeps me happy.

I was invited to a “fashion” dinner at Current, the new restaurant in the revamped W Lakeshore last Thursday before Pitchfork Music Festival. As the culture blogger, my friend Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style and the host of the dinner quickly described me as “the wild card.” She wasn’t far off. Everyone else talked handbags that cost more than my rent, but I held my own, at least when it came to other subjects.

And the dinner itself was great. Fifteen courses that I thought about photographing in detail, but decided not to in order to “savor the meal.” All Italian, the chef was nice enough to make me replacements and alternatives for my legitimate food allergies (tree nuts, honey, among others). And they were delicious. I photographed my special order of bucatini and the chocolate mousse, my two favorites of the evening. I couldn’t help myself.

The space was open and vibrant and just right for the location. Outside of large windows was the lovely Chicago lakeshore that makes you forget the smog and the cold and instead focus on unparalleled beauty. It is something all Chicagoans deserve to see and experience for it is their home right. I forget that. The farther west, the farther south, the easier it is to separate here from there, them from us.

I always feel a little weird in environments like that. It reminds me of a something I tweeted a couple of months ago about reaching that age where some of your friends are getting rich and some are not. Some are striving for THINGS and some don’t believe in most things at all. It’s strange to watch it all play out with restaurant bills and brunch and apartment sizes and condos and work schedules.

My best friend recently mentioned getting a place with her boyfriend in a new West Loop building. Meanwhile, I’m praying the back stairs of my apartment don’t deteriorate before I get a chance to move out of the space.

But I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and what you value and what kind of life you want to lead and how you will go about getting it. If I were to ever visit Current again, it would be for a much smaller meal, one that was both satisfying and realistic. That is enough for me, at least for now. Well, that is what I TELL myself.