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Recently: Chicago and Minneapolis

Anonymous asked: I am moving to: Chicago, from: Copenhagen, for: love. which coffee shops slash bars slash great-places-to-find-own-friends-for-beers-and-weird-projects should I charm myself into a job AT? p.s. thank you for existing and being my Chicago compass

Yay! First, message me when you arrive so we can meet up! Second, shouts to Copenhagen. I didn’t realize this blog was so international. *brushes shoulders, flips hair*

Cool coffee houses and bars for possible jobs? Caffe Streets, Intelligentsia (there are a couple of new ones opening up), La Colombe, Gaslight, any of the Dollops. That’s for coffee. I don’t know if those places are hiring, but they all employee friendly young people so I frequent them when I can (especially Caffe Streets). For bars, there are TONS. What’s your specialty? Are you into “mixology” or willing to learn? I have a TON of friends in the industry who I’m sure could connect you to someone or something great. Send me an email if you want to chat more and good luck! Welcome to the city!

Anonymous asked: I want to write for Thought Catalog but I'm afraid that if I do ppl will look down on me or my work b/c of Thought Catalog's reputation. Do you think Thought Catalog has a bad reputation? Is that reputation bad enough that new writers who are serious about their work should just avoid it altogether? Or should I just get in where I fit in and use the prominence of their platform to build an audience?

I’ve had many of my older essays published on Thought Catalog so perhaps I’m biased. Like a lot of places, it is full of frustrating works. But they’ve also employed some of my favorite young writers like the supreme Sarah Nicole Prickett and the lovely Chelsea Fagan. And it is a prime platform for reaching young audiences. For me, it was a great way to test out essay ideas.

I’m always surprised by which places other people, especially non-writers, find the most respectable or interesting or valuable. Many people I’ve met know me from Thought Catalog and nothing else. I can write a longread for The FADER, but my family is more excited by my 400-word column in Red Eye, a local free daily. I wrote three times a week for a year for WBEZ (a part of NPR) about the arts, fashion, race and yet many people only respect my music reviews for Pitchfork. Basically, everyone and every place is a little different for every person. No one place should be entirely discarded.

If you’re just starting out, your primary concern should be writing as much as possible. Figure out the type of writing you want to create. Clarify your voice. What are your goals? Write them down, then you’ll have a greater idea of where you want to publish. Also, something to keep in mind: I’ve spent many years worrying about where I “should” publish and not enough investing in my ideas. Don’t be like me. Write to write. Build your clips. It’ll start to make more sense for who you are and what you want to give the world through your voice.

I have all of the hearts in my eyes for this perfection.
Meet the hilarious bestfriends Olivia and Rachel, who star in the upcoming short film “Ackee and Saltfish” where the two girls have to go and get takeaway food after Rachel forgot to soak the saltfish.

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Rodrigo Amarante's Cavalo has been a nice compliment as we get closer and closer to the peak of our long days of sunlight. “Fall Asleep” and “Mana,” two songs with different structures, beats, and senses of tone, are my favorites in particular. Amarante’s voice is nothing short of a perfect kiss. 

I forgot what it is like to hold images in your hand. It’s a weird feeling or weird to remember the tangibility of relationships: friends, family, romantic.

I ordered a small set of prints. I wanted to stick to actual people, not scenes. Surprisingly, the longer I’ve gone without an actual digital camera and instead relied on my phone, the more I’ve turned inward. I used to photograph my friends relentlessly. Now I photograph myself. The phone is an extension of the self, a functioning external part of my mind and my life.

There’s something comforting in the static quality of a portrait. We’re stopping life, if only for a moment, to capture and quantify the present.

"Restless City" by Lone

Every part of Lone’s new flawless LP, Reality Testing, is great. But “Restless City” is the album’s greater moment for me. And the last minute and a half of “Restless City” is the greatest pieces of euphoria and jittery nerves and frantic movements put to sound. I love the split and then split again and then split again of the beat of the drums. Never settling, always surprising. And yet it’s not overwhelming. Lone’s music has always stunned in its ability to show massive levels of restraint. There’s never a peak; only a slow burning collection of genre-bending most-perfect groves. 

Recently: shades of blue.

Photograph by Carlos Javier Ortiz for We All We Got

New Blonde Redhead!

"No More Honey" by Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead are my constant. I will follow them wherever they go. I always have. To me, they’re definitely one of those bands that you either really understand or really don’t. A true fan will follow them through whatever aesthetic tricks they’re experimenting with on each new album. This new track from their upcoming LP feels like a psychedelic extension of the heaviness of their previous LP. So, yeah, I love it. 

Anonymous asked: Hi Britt !! Hope you're having a lovely, inspiring, poetry-charged day. I wanted to let you know that Clean Bandit's new album is available for listening on the Guardian's website. I would like to hear what you think about it. I'm listening to it now, and I have a feeling that you'd probably enjoy the track "Up Again". Lots of love !

I really love that one, though my favorite has been and still is “Nightingale.” It still sticks to my gut. There are some songs that I really like on the album, but some feel overproduced. This works in some instances, like with “Rather Be,” which is a perfect pop song, but on others not as much. Overall, I like it and anticipate listening to it once summer finally, finally arrives!


"Gorecki" by Pegasus featuring Levan Wolf (Freemasons 3AM mix)

This really is a 3am mix. You just have to be in a club or warehouse or loft that late (or early, depending on how you party) at night to understand its appeal. It’s music for that slumber-like two-step we all do after countless hours spent on our feet, with each song slipping seamlessly into the next. The song’s lyrics touch perfectly on this same feeling too. The raw emotions, the pleading, the hope. 

I don’t know if it made me stronger, but it did make me more curious about the distance between the world in our minds and our realities. I have a few more weeks of playing into the fantasy of my imagined self before reality settles in. I am getting prepared. But hopefully, that won’t be an issue.

I collected and expanded upon my “Unemployment Diaries” for This Recording. Read the whole thing here

Anonymous asked: Any chance Sad Pretty Girls of Color is coming out this year?

Probably not. It is on hiatus.