Sad Pretty Girls: A Note and an Extended Deadline

Earlier this evening, I (Britt) sat in a coffee shop with a friend I’ve known since college. We both were sometimes “odd women out” in our social group and we easily bonded in the past over our “uniqueness,” our “otherness,” our “woman of color-ness.” And today like days in the past, we discussed the lack of outlets for women like us, in a variety of different areas (creative writing, entertainment, academia).

It was a reminder of the work that is yet to come. When people mention women artists of color, they list a couple of established creatives and then stop. That’s the thing. If you can only name one or two, we are not where we need to be. And so, Sad Pretty Girls. This is not the only solution, but it is a call to action, an outlet, a small source of inspiration. We want to hear your voices. 

We neglected to make a final call for submissions before the original deadline and so we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to February 1, 2013. The previous guidelines still apply:

We are currently accepting submissions of previously unpublished short stories, illustrations, poems and essays. Pieces submitted may be in any style and on any subject. Submit a maximum of two essays or short stories (up to 2500 words long) and five poems (up to 50 lines long). The artwork submission guidelines are completely open. 

Send all work as Word or image file attachments to with a short biographical write-up within the body of the email. New and established writers alike are encouraged to submit.


Sara, Safy, and Britt

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    I want to do this! But I have pretty much confidence right now. Which is even more a reason for me to do so?
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