Anonymous asked: It was until today I realised that the 'britt' in britticisms was referring to your name, not your nationality as a British person. In hindsight, the one 't' in British should of gave it away. In any case, I hope you have a happy new year. Having your blog posts appear on my dash has been a year long delight.

This was awesome to read. Thank you! And I hope that all of you have a fantastic evening, whether you’re staying in or going out. I’ve spent the day at work, feeling anxious over my plans, worried that I’m not doing enough, worried that my evening won’t be as perfect as I want it to be. 

My three rules for New Year’s Eve:

  1. Always enter the new year with a clean home. Think of it as a fresh space for a fresh start.
  2. Always enter the new year with a good meal. This doesn’t mean just going out to eat. This DOES mean being thankful for what you have and perhaps taking pleasure in what you’ve been given. 
  3. Always enter the new year with a little dance. Don’t think about looking your best. Don’t think about what is cool. Just think about feeling good and celebration and the pleasures of music and the movement of your body. The dance floor (or your living room, or on top of your bed!) is a place of escape and transcendence. Take advantage of it!
  1. jakec said: these are very legit rules.
  2. thespacebetweenbuildings said: Happy new year, spirit guide.
  3. intothewavves said: great advice!
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