Benji B - String Ensemble

So lovely. I know this might seem like a cliche, but it’s always nice to see the ways in which people are affected by and enjoy music. Core instrumentation can translate across instruments to create a different, but just as interesting result. The string ensemble really picks up toward the middle. Of course what they do to “Higher Ground,” “Clique,” and “Headlines” works so well. A must listen! Streaming video is below. 

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Dwele – A.N.G.E.L
Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
Ossie – Love Crazy
D-Malice – Gabryelle Refix
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Wiley – Highs n Lows
S-X – Bricks
Timbaland – Ayo Technology (Instrumental)
Africa HiTech – Out in the Street (Snippet)
TNGHT – Higher Ground
Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean – Clique
Drake – Headlines
Jeremih – All The Time
Raphael Saadiq – Skyy Can You Feel Me


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    whoa, this is really somethin’ else. truly wished there were a live tour. Bok Bok, TNGHT and Jeremih's bit were amazing!
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    This is perfect.
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    Download Everyone needs to take an hour out and watch/listen to this.
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    You know, I kind of thought I was going to hate this, but it’s a pretty interesting watch.
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