Some thoughts on the difficulties and successes of working in the creative field in Chicago. More thoughts here.

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“Runner Up”

by Britt Julious

Chicago makes you do the work. I’m not talking just about the concept of “hard work,”  although that certainly applies. And I’m not saying that Chicago is not great, or that it does not exceed stereotypes. But it makes you do the work. It makes you find the the things you want. And it makes you build these things, if you want them to happen, little by little. Chicago to me has always been a working class city and it is because of this idea that so much of what happens here feels like the result of a million hands digging deep into the work, getting dirty, and leaving worn out yet satisfied. 

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    This basically sums up the way I feel about Chicago. If you do the work and search out the things you want, it’s a...
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    I like parts of this
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    “Runner Up” by Britt Julious Read the rest.
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    "[F]or a world that mythologizes New York, it is difficult to promote the value of a city that ‘works.’" Amazing.
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    Chicago makes you do the work.
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