Logan Square Kitchen’s Pop-Up Restaurants: Country Belly and Donuts & Coffee

After numerous delays from the flooded blue line tracks, Lourdes and I finally made it to the Logan Square Kitchen to feast at its two weekend pop-up restaurants: Country Belly and Donuts & Coffee. Country Belly is the delicious creation by chef Bill Kim of Urban Belly and Belly Shack. Donuts & Coffee is the work of Jason Hammel of Lula and Nightwood. Overindulgent delights included Lemongrass Chicken with lettuce and hoisin barbecue sauce and yuzu lemonade by Country Belly; and a bacon butterscotch donut and blueberry creme fraiche donut from Donuts & Coffee. I thought about taking nice pictures, but my need to devour the food in front of me took precedence. 

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